At Ayucare Diagnostic & Dental Clinic, we understand the unpredictability that illnesses, and therefore, are committed to supporting you and ensuring that you are protected, and receive the best medical treatment possible.


Our dedicated centres offer you advice and support of our expert physicians holding to the responsibility for providing high-quality clinical care to all our patients, with affordable price.



With state-of-the-art facilities and the best-in-class technology, as well as trained technicians and support staff, we have an answer to any query and ensure high satisfaction.


Free Dental

Protecting the teeth and welfare of your child, Ayucare Dental Clinic offer 1st Free Consultation for children between age 2 to 07 years.




What kind of service we offer ?

A world of health

To magnify the convenience and comfort, Ayucare Diagnostic & Dental Clinic is an integrated model and offers facilities for Specialist Consultation, Diagnostics, Dental Health Checks and Physiotherapy, all under one roof.

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Sonography 3D / 4D

Our skilled professional monitor
this facility effectively and ensure
that correct precautions & methodology.

Skin and hair clinic

Skin & Hair Clinic

Ayucare Clinic is dedicated to
skincare & aesthetic practices in a
scientific & ethical way to promote skincare

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It is a drug less therapy, It works towards to
bring back lost activity to near normal function.

Workings Schedule

Dr. Mridul Ayush

(MD Radiologist)

Mon – Sat

09:30am – 01:00pm

05:30pm – 08:30pm

Dr. Ishita Jakhanwal

(MDS, Prosthodontist)

Mon – Sat

09:30am – 01:00pm

05:30pm – 08:30pm


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Expert health advice for your life

We place a strong emphasis on preventative procedures. By looking after your patient and keeping you as healthy as possible at all times, we hope to minimize his need for more extensive care throughout your life.


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A Super Specialist Doctor’s Video

Ayucare Clinic is ready to respond with a wide range of treatments, including dental and sonography services. We use advanced diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound, lab tests, x-rays, and endoscopy to help us identify the problem quickly and conclusively.

our specialist physicians

Root canal

Modern Dental Implants & Surgery

A dental implant is, very simply put, a tooth root replacement. Think of an implant as a surgically placed titanium root that a replacement tooth can be built upon.

Root canal

Root Canals and Crowns

A crown is a cap that completely covers a real tooth. It might be necessary to use a crown after root canal treatment to prevent the tooth fracturing.

Experienced, Certified and Reputable

We are a Group of

You would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and comprehensive team of doctors at Ayucare Clinic. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality OPD care available

Ayucare Diagnostics & Dental Clinic

Scientifically Looking After your Dental Problems and Needs

Ayucare Clinic can take care of all of your dental needs. Please call our helpdesk and we will be happy to assist you.

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Free Dental Consultation

Ayucare Dental Clinic offer 1st Free Consultation for children between age 2 to 07 years.

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